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Nelson Mandela, Diva Sinclair, Olympi Swimmer, Olympi Diver meets Nelson Mandela

WaterWaves was founded in 1991 by Caren "Diva" Sinclair and mother and business partner, Isabelle Tate.


WaterWaves was developed over a period of several years while Caren was employed as a Red Cross certified swimming instructor coach. Initially, WaterWaves specialized in providing private swimming lessons to persons at their home pool. WaterWaves soon expanded the services to include home pool safety consultation and lifeguard services.

Diva with Nelson Mandela 

As the company continued to grow, a lifeguard training program, one-on-one coaching for competitive swimmers and children’s educational program were added. Today, the educational program has been presented in well over 150 schools. More recently, WaterWaves has broadened its services in the water to include Adapted Aquatics and children who are at risk. WaterWaves boast a fully insured staff of Red Cross Certified instructors and trainers who offer a broad-based swimming, water safety, standard First Aid / CPR services to corporations, schools and individuals of all ages.

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